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Oberbank Nightrace

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Oberbank Nightrace

A highlight in domestic triathlon sport

Sprung in die Traun

The Oberbank Night Race as part of the starlim City Triathlon FestiWels powered by Humer has meanwhile become a fixture in the triathlon scene. With various special formats such as Elite European Cups, Junior European Cups or Austrian National Championships, a special class sporting experience is created. From the very beginning, the OC team wanted to offer an extraordinary race for triathletes and spectators. And indeed: an evening event is a rarity in the triathlon sport. The start of the Oberbank Night Race is usually at 20:00. Depending on the format, this means that the finish line is reached at around 9 p.m. as the sun sets. Since the premiere of the Oberbank Nightrace in 2018, not only has the sporting setup developed, but the race formats also indicate an upward trend. In 2018, the Nightrace was launched for regional triathletes. In the meantime, European Cups and national championships may also be held.

Extraordinary city setup

Gerald Will läuft im Burggarten

Another rarity is the extraordinary city setting paired with a spectator-friendly multi-lap format. The athletes will swim in the Traun River, change sports on the Chestnut Avenue in the Volksgartenstraße, cycle through the city centre and finish with the Oberbank run through the Castle Garden, the old town and the City square. The LOC team is pleased to be able to integrate the most beautiful places in Wels into the triathlon course. But it is exactly this step of holding a triathlon in the city that puts the organisers to the test every year. 250 people are needed for handling and securing the course. "We are very grateful to have so many volunteers in our team. Without this support, we would have a hard time organising this event," says LOC leader Thomas Alt.

The spectator-friendly multi-lap format promises additional excitement. In contrast to classic triathlons, where the participants complete only one lap per sport, the spectator hotspot will be crossed 11 times in Wels. Depending on the level, spectators can cheer on the athletes every 5-8 minutes. In the case of swimming, there is even the possibility of cheering along the shore.

Oberbank as a reliable partner

Thomas Windischbauer auf dem Weg zur Wechselzone

Oberbank has been on board as a reliable partner of the "starlim City Triathlon FestiWels powered by Humer" since 2023. Wels Oberbank regional manager Mag. Wofgang Kern: "From the region for the region is perceptible both at Oberbank and at the 1. Welser Schwimmklub as the organiser association and represents one of the reasons for our support of the Wels Triathlon." And indeed: the basic intention of organising a triathlon event in Wels is to draw the attention of potential young talents to the sport of triathlon. With success. Local heroes regularly compete in both the Elite and Junior European Cups. Leading the way is figurehead Thomas Windischbauer. The Vorchdorf native learned the sport of triathlon from an early age at the 1. Welser Schwimmklub and, in addition to national championship titles, can also boast international successes such as reaching the A-finals at the European Junior Championships and fourth place at a European Junior Cup.

Triathlon talent Bettina Ecker is also responsible for domestic successes. As a 5-year-old, she learned to swim at the Oberbank Nightrace organising club and now, as a teenager, she is also on the starting line at international races such as European Cups.


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