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Team Fun Race

Relay competition - Triathlon

Together you are stronger

Du bist auf der Suche nach einer neuen Herausforderung für deine Freunde, Familie, Schule, Verein oder Blaulichtorganisation?

Then the Wels Relay Triathlon is just right for you. You can take part in your Team Fun Triathlon together with your team mates on shorter distances directly in Wels. And the best thing about it:

Der Bewerb ist auch für Einsteiger und Jugendliche ab Jg. 2009 geeignet!

Team mit 4 Personen


The Team Fun Race is a relay competition according to the general rules of the Austrian Triathlon Federation ÖTRV. You share the respective disciplines with your team mates. A relay team consists of one swimmer, one cyclist and one runner.

The order of the sports is swimming - cycling - running. A timing chip is passed from each discipline to the next as a "relay baton". This chip is attached to the ankle and measures the total time.

If necessary, a person may also complete two disciplines.


The swim course is in the river Traun. The swimming time will be about 10 minutes, depending on the level. A swimming cap is included in your starter package and must be worn.

The wearing of cold protection or neoprene suits is permitted.

Equipment such as fins, snorkels, etc. are not permitted.

In case of bad weather or insufficient water temperature, the swimming discipline will be replaced by a run.

Your swimming style is freely selectable!

Schwimmer in der Traun


The bike course of the Team Fun Race consists of two 4Km laps through the city centre of Wels. Please note the following:

*The wearing of a bike helmet is mandatory.

*The start number must be worn on the back of the upper clothing.

*The StVO applies the bike course is closed to traffic.

*The use of time trial bikes is forbidden.

The chip handover from the swimmer to the cyclist will take place in front of the transition area, where the bike will be positioned ready to ride before the competition.

The chip handover from the cyclist to the runner will take place after the transition zone.


The final run course of the Team Fun Race has a total length of 3.33 km. After the chip has been handed over from the cyclist to the runner, two laps of 1.66 km each through the city centre of Wels have to be completed.

A common finish with your team is allowed!

Zieleinlauf beim Team Fun Race


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